An EPIC twist to a classic game

Challenge a friend or battle the Ai in an all out war to become the champion and achieve 5 in a row. Grid of War expands on the classic Tic Tac Toe formula by extending the game board to 5x5 and arming the players with weapons.

Grid of War   Available on the App Store


Game Play


Bombs can be used to blow up your opponent's game piece, creating a hole in the tile that lasts for one move.


Opponent player cannot place their piece on the exploded tile for one move. The square will repair itself and be playable once more.

Switch 'em UP

Switches are used to change your opponent's game piece into your game piece, and defend your tile with the metal block for one move.

Metal Block

This metal block armors the tile for one move and cannot be played on... no game piece, no bomb, no switch, no nothin'!

Oh Snap!

Ah ah ah! You can't touch this!
Not a valid move, so don't go there!

Chained Down

A three in a row in the center will remove these locked chains. However, they'll be back with a vengance once the three in a row have been changed.